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Since this IS my community, allow me to be political for a minute.

This is for Republicans who are considering voting for Bush (and who refuse to vote for Kerry) on November 2.

For years now I have listened politely to anyone who cared to tell me about some libertarian-leaning Republican who is supposedly not really all that bad. To hear some folks tell it, republicans with basic libertarian beliefs are everywhere within the Republican Party, from the grassroots organization right on up to members of Congress. Some will even declare that all Republicans share the Libertarians devotion to the principles of those precious American siblings, Liberty and Freedom. Well I say it is time to prove it. If you Republicans really believe your own party's rhetoric you will not vote for the Republican nominee in the upcoming election; but instead, you will rise up and vote for what you believe in by casting your ballot for Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian Party presidential nominee. . .
More: http://www.libertyforall.net/

That is all.
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